Wedding blog two

17th of August 2017

I had the great opportunity to film Laura and Shaun’s wedding day at the amazing Birtsmorton Court. This is an absolutely stunning venue. Every angle and location was beautiful in the frame. I’ve known Laura from working together at Disney Cruise Line. We got in contact as she was getting married and I was able to produce this wedding film for the happy couple.


Laura and Shaun were great to work with. They were truly enjoying their day. We had amazing weather and the sun was out and I was able to capture all the natural colors of the venue. Everyone were in good spirits and enjoying each other’s company. I also got to catch up with old friends from the ship which was a treat.


I had the great opportunity to work with Paul Willetts who is an amazing and talented photographer based in Worcestershire. His work has been featured in National Geographic and I was really humbled to work along an accomplished photographer.


I have to say that this was an emotional edit. I really felt the love and joy through the couple and wanted to translate that through video. I chose Ruelle’s song ‘I Get to Love You.’ I wanted a song that would enhance the video and really tug at the heart strings. Just listening to the song by itself gave me that feeling I was looking for. Once I started putting together the images and music I knew that this was going to be a very emotional video.


Mel is the first person that previews all my videos and I had about the first minute and a half cut together. She was clearly welling up once John (Laura’s father) sees his beautiful daughter for the first time. I knew I was onto something and the rest of the edit really came together.




I now have two Sony mirrorless cameras the Sony a6500 and a6300. The a6500 is my ‘A’ camera and I used it mostly during the wedding day. I absolutely love this camera and with the IBIS I am able to capture a lot more handheld shots. Going handheld is great as it allows me to be more discreet but with the IBIS it allows for smoother and stable footage.


My primary lenses were my trusted Sigma 30mm f1.4 and Samyang 12mm f2. I also used the Sony 50mm f1.8 during the ceremony and speeches. I was able to get some really nice bokeh shots with my Sigma but it is still tricky handling the Auto-Focus on this lens. But for the most part it is my favorite lens in regards to focal length and sharpness. I really love the look of my Sony 50mm but it’s a bit too tight for a lot of things and the 30mm is a great focal length. The 12mm is really great but I do find it hard to nail focus especially on the tiny screen of the camera in bright sunlight. Also the colors on the 12mm are very different from the Sigma so I tried my best to match it in the grading process.



I am so pleased with how this video came together and the feedback from releasing it online has been tremendous. I really want to thank everyone for the support and I am truly humbled by all the positive feedback. I want to thank Laura and Shaun once again for allowing me to capture their beautiful day and wish them many years of happiness!


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Wedding blog one

June 19th 2017


I had the pleasure of shooting Leane and Mike’s wedding on June 10th. It was a gorgeous day with great weather. The wedding was at the Stanwell House Hotel in Lymington. It was a fantastic outdoor wedding in the venue’s garden.


This was the first wedding I’ve had the opportunity to shoot so I was eagerly excited. I could not have asked for a more beautiful and friendly couple to shoot my first wedding with. Leane and Mike we’re very friendly and easy communicate with. They made every frame captured beautiful.


The edit was fun and I came away with a ton of footage. It’s always challenging editing about five hours of footage down to 3-6 minute wedding film. But I found the music I wanted to set the film to off and it all naturally came together.




I shot this on the Sony a6300 and primarily on the Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. I love this lens and I used it for most of the day. It fits my style of shooting and I can really get in there and capture some tight shots. It’s a great lens for close ups and medium shots but I can get some full shots with this lens as well but you do have to stand further back to get everything in. I also used a Tiffen Variable ND filter to be able to shoot at the wider apertures to allow for the shallow depth of field look.


All the normal motion was shot in 24fps in 4k. The slow motion was all shot in 120fps at 1080p. These are my two most used frame rates. But I’m going to experiment at shooting in 30 fps in 4k and try slowing it down to 80%. I recently saw a video by Brandon Li explaining that he does this and it smooths out the footage but it also looks very close to normal motion. The only caveat of shooting in 30 fps on the a6300 is that it crops the image slightly.  


I used the Zhiyun Crane for my stabilizer and it performed very well. The battery lasted the whole entire day. This is definitely an investment worth the cost. I was able to mimic many shots with the stabilizer. From sliding shots, parallax, tilt and push shots, low angle, high angle, etc. The gimbal can do many things. It doesn’t completely replace sliders or jibs and such but it's a great run and gun tool to mimic those type of shots.




I was very happy with the result of the film and how it came together. The couple were amazing to work with and also Anna Morgan (photographer) was very friendly and easy to work beside. I couldn’t have asked for a better shoot for my very first wedding.