Last month Brandon worked together with me to create a fantastic dance and performance showreel. Being a dancer, it’s important to have a good quality showreel enabling you to send off for jobs rather than travelling to auditions. At an affordable price, I met Brandon at two different locations to film proffessional material and was also able to go back and look over the material with Brandon after too so I was involved in the creation of the showreel. I was really happy with the end result. I have been offered a job from my showreel. I would highly recommend. - Lucy Hurst

Whether you're a singer, actor, dancer, musician or you're super talented and can do them all! We can help produce a showreel for you. Showreels are becoming increasingly more important in the entertainment industry. We offer shooting and editing services tailored to your needs. 

Our background is in the entertainment industry. Mel has performed and danced professionally for Disneyland Paris, Disney Cruise Line, Sky Sports Entertainment and other high level entertainment companies for twenty years. She knows what casting directors are looking for in a dance showreel. Mel can consult with you on your dancing routine or help choose the best shots and performances if you wish. 

I have played guitar and sang in bands for most of my life. I've played professionally in San Francisco and on the Las Vegas strip. I have mixed bands live and in studio. 

We are extremely passionate about entertainment and love working with creative and talented people. 

Our packages can range from £150 - £250 depending on your needs. Please contact us for an accurate quote.